Ivory Mohair and Organic Wool Sweater
Ivory Mohair and Organic Wool Sweater
Ivory Mohair and Organic Wool Sweater

Ivory Mohair and Organic Wool Sweater

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The precious mohair and organic wool blend together to create a simple, yet timeless sweater. Featuring an oversized fit and a boxy shape, it gives warmth and beauty with a hint of luxury. 
Made of voluminous, chunky yarn, with a slightly teddy bear texture. Each sweater is lovingly handmade, showcasing exceptional attention to detail, and a final piece just as unique as you are. This product is aligned with the best practices in Animal Welfare.


Handcrafted• raspberry• flurry, voluminous mohair• extra softness and lightness• drop shoulders• composition: 59% mohair, 41% organic wool• cruelty free mohair, organic wool• the wool comes from sheep reared in biological farms and free from any mulesing treatment• premium Italian yarn, produced with a low environmental impact cycle• made in Austria


4Sustainability, Cruelty Free, Organic Wool, ZDHC, OEKO-TEX® 100, Made by Italian yarn.

About the collection/products

The Mohair-Organic Wool Collection is entirely hand-crafted using only the purest natural yarns: organic wool that comes from sheep reared in biological farms, free from any mulesing treatment, and premium mohair.

Embracing the art of slow and precise craftsmanship, each garment celebrates the revival of handmade fashion.

Care instructions

Gentle hand wash in cold water with mild /wool detergent. Alternatively, delicately dry clean, code "P"
Do not bleach / Do not tumble dry
Dry on a horizontal surface, away from direct sunlight 
Store garment flat, do not hang

TRADITIONAL CRAFT: Each of our design is handmade, preserving the craft by hand and patterns through generations
ECO-CONSCIOUS: All our designs are produced with responsible materials, using minimal resources, chemicals, and water for a lower environmental impact
LIMITED EDITION: We produce in small quantities, focus on quality over quantity. We love to celebrate the slow fashion and handmade craft
FEMALE FOUNDED: The brand is proudly founded and led by women, all the garments are made by the skilled hands of women
ORGANIC: Made from natural, premium materials, good for the planet and its people
Additional information
Color: Ivory
Size: S, M, L
Material: 59% mohair, 41% organic wool
Ivory Mohair and Organic Wool Sweater Ivory Mohair and Organic Wool Sweater Ivory Mohair and Organic Wool Sweater