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Are you an established business wanting to take the next step with your product development?

Are you not sure from where to start sourcing more sustainable?

Finding it challenging to source new materials and connect with the right producers at a distance?

Struggling with small MOQ?


Let's not the obstacles prevent your ambition building a sustainable brand, focus on your strengths and spend your valuable time on what you're best at. Bridging the gap of the unknown, as often times it requires a great amount of time, money and effort to build a successful partnership with a producer in foreign land.

The Fairnest and it´s founder Sanne has her presence in India since many years, which allows small start-ups to get support from her with sourcing and take advantage of her network of suppliers and craftsmen (and women, of course) as well as other communities practicing their special kind of handicraft.

She can also support with various kind of product development services and consulting. An overlooking eye for details with sustainability in focus from the initial ideas, always with Scandinavian values.


The Fairnest offers a range of home furnishings for the conscious minded, who appreciate the slow craft and story behind an object.

Under our own label Cavendish Living est. 2012, we offer a range of home textiles sourced from allover India.

Do you want to stock our products in your retail space? 

Our products can be customized to your needs, in small QTY. It may be, for example, having your own labelling or add an embroidery of your choice to the product.

Reach out to know more and The Fairnest will be happy to discuss any of our services <3

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