Design and Art Direction

Elin Lindecrantz is a freelance Art director and Graphic Designer based in Barcelona with a passion for visual and innovative concepts. She is recognized for creating things that surprise, move and matter, with an extensive reference list of clients. Elin has designed The Fairnest brand identity and logotype keeping in mind the contemporary brand we are, yet with a personal and kind feeling to it.

Copy and Content

Robyn LeRoy-Evans, the founder of Echo + Scribe stands out in the world of ethical copy and biz mentorship. We were lucky to come across Robyn and her services initially when we needed to create clarity to our brand voice. She was phenomenal to get to the bottom of our voice in no time and the result was a punchy copy, all while staying true to our brand and ethos.


Campaign Partner

MindlessMag, a female-led publication bringing monthly campaigns on Stuff That Matters. The Fairnest is honoured to be having a part in their consumption campaign in 2022 which inspired and connected us to their community of readers, storytellers and university students through their Digital Micro-Internship Programme.