Marsel - The Fairnest

marsel. is founded in 2019 as the result of a year of nomadic life discovering new countries, new people and new experiences.

After studying Business Management in both Spain and Germany, Mar Caballero, founder of the brand, moved to Paris, where she lived for several years working in the financial sector. Passionate about travelling, painting and fashion, she decided to quit everything to travel the world and find her purpose in life.

Having visited many different countries and seen many different realities, Mar thought it was time to take action and unified her passion for traveling and fashion to create a brand with a social cause behind it. She aims to foster conscious purchasing rather than fast fashion, empowering the development of small communities all around the world. She works together with local artisans from different countries, designing the pieces herself or collecting them directly from the producer, which is why all the products are handcrafted in limited quantities and made with passion and dedication following traditional techniques.

In a globalized market place where fast fashion prevails, the company focuses on looking after the artisan that is behind each piece and on using natural materials. Its goal is to eradicate synthetic components by the end of 2020. The brand’s mission is to show that buying fashion with a sustainable mindset is in fact possible. We believe in the potential of raising awareness and how making the right consumption choices can have a social and environmental impact.