Neora Made to Order Dresses Color Blocking Dresses In Peace Silk


Neora is a play on the founder’s name Nehal Chopra.  

Neora's motto is freedom. As more women unshackle themselves from the yoke of disparity, and oppression, they do their teeny-tiny bit in empowering them. Their avant-garde sustainable clothing provides a medium for you to express yourself. The collection consist of play with sustainable silk in colors and color-blocking, and their pieces range from the snazziest to the most classic, for your unique personality. Neora takes part in your individualistic journey, while you conquer the world.  

Neora is for those who believe in themselves–– whether young or old, introverted or extroverted, stirred or calm, virtuous or decadent; but, forward moving. 

Needless to say, their clothing is designed with the utmost attention to sustainability, minimalism, ease and comfort.

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