Afeem Ink Long Scarf
Afeem Ink Long Scarf
Afeem Ink Long Scarf

Afeem Ink Long Scarf

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The Afeem Long is a cotton silk long scarf,  made by Pari Pari, a multidisciplinary studio specializing in textile and surface design. The abstract geometric pattern is broken into three parts- each in a different scale digitally printed on a differnt striped background. Made in India.

80% Cotton, 20% Silk

About the collection"42 Nutan"

This collection of printed scarves represents the emotions of a 5-year-old as she plays her days away at her grandmother's house. Walking down memory lane through every room and corridor, reminiscing.

The white wall was never white. The red swing always meant more.

Drawing from her nani's embroidery and put back together with Sol Lewitt's method, the collection speaks with a personal color and texture.

Care instruction

Please dry clean the scarves only, and only if need be. For regular wear, if there are some creases and folds, you can sort that out with a light steam.

TRANSPARENCY Slow and need-based production in own facility and through local artisinal groups.

MINIMAL WASTE Made on demand / Designed for longevity.

HANDMADE The throws are knitted and embroideried by hand.

TRADITIONAL CRAFT Preservation of artisinal techniques through updation. Each technique is studied one at a time, in depth to learn its roots, range and limitations.

ORGANIC Natural cottons, silk and wool.

FEMALE FOUNDED Pari Pari is founded by Parigna Desai, an Indian multidisciplinary designer specializing in textile and surface design.
Additional information
Color: Charcoal/White
Size: 224x86 cm
Material: 80% Cotton, 20% Silk
Afeem Ink Long Scarf Afeem Ink Long Scarf Afeem Ink Long Scarf

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