Flame of the Forest Box Pouch
Flame of the Forest Box Pouch

Flame of the Forest Box Pouch

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Akané is known for creating naturally dyed, versatile and timeless products. This medium sized canvas pouch is naturally dyed using flower waste. Handmade in India.

Take this opportunity to pre-order this unique versatile purse bag while supporting fair and slow design. 

Fabric: 100% Cotton Canvas Dye

Dye Materials: Locally sourced Flame of the Forest flowers

Size:  Length 20 cm x Width 12 cm

This product has been hand dyed naturally using elements of nature like roots, flowers, leaves, seeds and minerals. Therefore, each product is unique due to the slight imperfections and irregularities which occur during the natural dyeing process. 


Care instruction

Hand wash with cold water and mild soap

Dry it in the shade. 

Iron at medium temperature. 

Natural colour bleeding is part of the process; with additional washes the colour loss will stabilise.

This item will be shipped from our warehouse in Sweden.

HANDMADE All products are hand made in small batches with a lot of care following ethical standards.

MINIMAL WASTE Make use of natural dye materials that are easily available in the environment such as flowers, seeds, roots and leaves.

ONE OF A KIND Each product is unique in its own way due to slight irregularities that come with natural dyeing.

TRADITIONAL CRAFT Empower and support local artisans, weavers and tailors in India.

ORGANIC All products are hand dyed using natural plant materials.
Additional information
Color: One of a kind
Size: 20x12 cm
Material: 100% Cotton
Flame of the Forest Box Pouch Flame of the Forest Box Pouch

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