Conversation with @mountain__spirit

by Sanne Norström Ahuja on May 30, 2020

This month we had a conversation with @mountain__spirit and asked her to share some thoughts about her Instagram diary - a visual diary showcasing the ordinary moments of life, captured and put in a beautiful way. 

Woman holding flowers standing on a purple valley


“I was feeling low that day, so my husband took us out of town to cheer me up. The purple valley was all brightened up with golden light when we came. I could feel there was something melancholic about the view, but it troubled me not at all. I was ready to embrace every moment.”

Woman with child holding hands while walking on a field

“The whole area was laid in silence. When we walked through the flowers, butterflies would emerge, flapping their wings gently. Suddenly my daughter became one of them. She started jumping and dancing around. Her light dress twirled softly. By some distance away the couple was cuddling and taking photos of each other. You could say it was perfect place, perfect time, perfect life, the one moment I would always wish to come back to.”

Woman facing back with golden light

“Golden hour is my favourite part of the day. I enjoy this delightful feeling of calmness at the last breath of the exhausted daylight, as if everything dull and distressing that could have happened today is through and you can gratefully wait for another chance, a better tomorrow.”


“The rapid and competitive rhythm of nowadays is mostly very hard to handle for my personality, so I chose a quiet life. I enjoy simplicity, serenity, things that are unique on it´s own, natural way.”

women reading a book at a cafe

“I´m attracted to shapes and colours, I love to explore how the light affects them, how the regular objects transform into something special at different lighting. “

woman self portrait wearing a flower dress

“I appreciate people who are gifted to enrich the ordinary, but one should never stop seeking for new discoveries as well. I adore travelling, exploring new places, and life styles, walking till my legs burn out.“


 “The sight of my favourite artworks overwhelms me with joy, a kind smile from a stranger makes me feel that I´m welcomed.”

woman sitting by the table in front of a window

“I love to recall, to reminisce and dream. Dream is something I can lose myself into. I love cherish all my dreams and memories even though some of them may awaken some sadness, we should admit sadness always lives in us and it´s completely fine. I think it even helps us to become a better human, makes us perceive the essence of life, so we should be thankful for it. “

art drawing on brown background


“I believe love and gratitude are the premise of getting kind response from the universe. The love I feel for tiny moments of everyday, insignificant at one sight, but still worth keeping, the love I feel for my best creation, my daughter and my entire family fills my life with passion, strength and hope. Love is a constant source of inspiration. It may sound like a worn-out slogan, but this is the truth."

women smelling the flowers

 For more of her arts and visual diary please check out @mountain__spirit.