Lotus Root Scarf Indigo
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Lotus Root Scarf Indigo

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Lotus silk is an extremely rare and highly exclusive product that is prized over conventional silk. Lotus flowers that grow in abundance on Inle Lake are harvested by boatmen in the rainy season. The delicate fibres are extracted by hand from the lotus stems and rolled into the threads needed to weave the scarves. It takes the fibres of five long lotus stems to produce about 50 centimetres of lotus silk. It takes a week to make one scarf. Not only admired for its beauty, the lotus flower is the Buddhist symbol for purification of the spirit. It has been claimed that wearing lotus silk will calm you and make you more meditative. The scarves are all dyed by hand using natural vegetable dyes. Woven by artisans working on traditional hand operated looms in a small workshop on Inle Lake, Shan State, Myanmar

Size: 33 cm x 175 cm long

Colour: Indigo (also available in Beige)

TRADITIONAL CRAFT Inspired by the uniquely resourceful and intricate handicrafts of Myanmar.

MINIMAL WASTE Products are hand dyed using natural vegetable dyes.

HANDMADE Encourage craftsmanship and supports women into reliable employment and revive traditional handicraft skills.

ORGANIC All of the items are entirely handmade using up-cycled or natural materials.

FEMALE FOUNDED Founded by women. Supports women from marginalized communities to produce traditional handicrafts.
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Color: Indigo
Size: 33cm x 175cm
Material: 100% Lotus Root Fibres
Lotus Root Scarf Indigo

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