Mafundi is handmade slow design which blends modern Nordic design with traditional African craftsmanship and organic materials. For Mafundi design and sustainability go hand in hand. All products are produced according to Fairtrade principles by local co-operatives and women’s groups in Kenya.

Mafundi works with a weaving cooperative in western Kenya. Using locally grown organic cotton, they collaborate to create unique textiles of an amazing quality. Mafundi’s handwoven cotton products are loom woven from handspun and machine-spun cotton thread. Hand-spun cotton thread produces textiles with a characteristic rougher texture.

The origins of Mafundi’s products are crucial to our concept. They are made by hand by local co-operatives and women’s groups, which secure economically disadvantaged craftsmen and their families a regular income, good working conditions and a worthy life.

The skills and techniques, which have been passed on from generation to generation, are now in danger of vanishing. When you buy a Mafundi product, you are helping to keep these ancient traditions alive. That makes a lot of sense for us.

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