About Us

Founded in 2020, The Fairnest is a new contemporary e-commerce concept aiming to raise awareness of sustainable design and locally-made artisanal goods. The Fairnest encourages consumers to make more conscientious choices, move past fast fashion, and go forward in support of a future that is more conscious, kind, and nurturing - without ever compromising on style.

Our Philosophy

Our mission is to deliver an elevated curation of sustainable style for the modern muse, in a contemporary online platform, while maintaining our eco-focused, ethical values. Through a personal design lense, we both create and curate beautiful products across fashion, accessories, home goods, and wellness. We are a lover of unusual forms and are constantly in search of new emerging design. Everything we select for sale on The Fairnest is either one-of-a-kind, or made in limited editions.

What sets us apart?

The Fairnest offers an exclusive mix of brands rooted in a strong commitment towards mindfulness and ethical practices. Ours is a curation full of surprises, sourced from designers and makers located close-to-home and beyond. Each product has been carefully selected by our team, making certain it both compliments our overall aesthetic and closely aligns with our ethos. To ensure we’re bringing you collections that are a better choice, we consider a variety of factors when it comes to choosing partner brands:

Limited edition, made-to-order, one-of-a-kinds. We do not support mass production, therefore we look for small batch designers and makers.

Traceability. Is the brand able to trace the full lifecycle of their clothing - from fiber to finished garment?

Material choice. We look for brands that prioritise sustainable materials. This can mean including recycled, upcycled, or choosing readily-available, locally-sourced materials over outsourcing, therefore reducing carbon emissions by requiring less transportation and handling.

Strong overall ethical values - and the ability to live up to these values.


*Please note, this is by no means an exhaustive list. Evaluating eco-focused, ethical brands is a complex process. As a small, independently-owned company, we aim to do the best we can when it comes to choosing brands that align as closely as possible with our mission and values.


Are you ready to tell your story? Share your unique work? Spread your positive message?

We’re always looking out for more creative talents to add to our network of conscious, responsible brands. If you think you might be a good fit for The Fairnest, please reach out.

Write to us at — info@thefairnest.com

Meet the founder

Hi! I´m Sanne.

For almost 10 years I worked in two of the world’s largest hubs for fashion production - China and India. My experiences in these places gave me valuable, first-hand insight into how the fashion industry works. Largely driven by demand from the buyers, big fashion companies sit in a place of tremendous power when it comes to choosing to prioritize sustainability - or not, as is often the case.

I reached a point in my life when I could no longer face being a part of the hugely wasteful, unethical system that fast fashion is built upon. When my daughter was born, I felt an urge to take more responsibility for my actions, to challenge my own position as an inhabitant of this planet. I knew I needed to slow down, figure out what kind of life I wanted to lead, and how I could go about creating this new reality for myself, and my family, in a sustainable way.

Knowing that my love for truly beautiful design and quality fabrics wasn’t going anywhere, I knew I had to figure out a way to combine my passions into something meaningful. After returning home to rural Sweden for a short time, the slower, simpler days spent caring for my daughter eventually sparked an idea in me. And the concept for The Fairnest was born.

For me, The Fairnest is not only a site for bringing great design, quality crafts(wo)manship, and contemporary aesthetics together, it’s also a symbol of the kind of future I want to create for my children.

A future that’s…

...helping to lower our environmental footprint through conscious business practices.

...encouraging others to consume more mindfully.
…supporting small, emerging brands and businesses.

...celebrating people as individuals (and paying them fairly).

...more loving, compassionate, and kind.

I hope when you visit The Fairnest you will delight in learning about our extraordinary brands, fall in love, and ultimately cherish your purchase for years to come.

With kindness,