We believe sustainable, ethical and cruelty free is the new ”normal”. 

Sustainability in fashion is not a trend, it’s an entire shift, in which the industry rapidly needs to adopt. At this time of change we need to see more initiatives to coordinate and present small and forward thinking sustainable designers and producers that are the biggest driving force towards change. Our idea was born.

The name TheFairnest stands for a Nest of Fair finds, a multicultural gathering of unique picks from different local regions and communities. An online exclusive platform for the conscious loving muse who’d like to buy more sustainable without having to compromise on style. She’d like a "fair" deal of modern contemporary fashion in her life, ready to explore a world of new emerging sustainable creators. TheFairnest is an experimental project, with aim to raise awareness to local sustainable design and artisans, encourage consumers to make conscious choices and move away from purchasing fast fashion. 

We support quality makers with transparent supply chains

We value hand crafted pieces that run in small batches and don’t mind waiting a little longer for it

We do sales for labels we really love


Our mission is to deliver an elevated curation of sustainable style that is made to last. We want to offer a better sustainable alternative for your wardrobe without having to compromise on style, all this while bringing in fresh perspectives on the topic of sustainability. Feel rest assured we have done the research for you, every single product available on the platform is a better choice, a reason to feel good.


As promoter of slow fashion and handicraft we never go boring. We have a commitment to our partners and followers to always stay contemporary and full of surprises. All content is curated and managed by TheFairnest team to ensure that quality and content stay inspiring and true to concept.


The products that are featured on our marketplace are thoughtfully selected based on the following criteria’s

  1. Sourced and manufactured in a sustainable and socially responsible way with low impact on environment and ecological system.
  2. Manufactured in small batch with a limited supply, preferably made by local artisans.
  3. We look at the aesthetics, quality and storytelling of each product. We are proud to say that all of our collections are being exclusively picked to fit our luxurious, unique and conscious niche. We’d love to think of the life our products may have. What’s the story behind? Who made it? Where will it go next? In our story telling we pay tribute to the roots of the product and it’s afterlife. A long life is true luxury to us!



Our priority goes to brands who are born with a conscious mindset or showing tremendous efforts to make the shift. We look for partners who share our values when comes to transparency and authenticity, who show respect to the artisans who creates, pays the right price they ask for, and in that way, empowers their livelihood and their craft. We look for partners with a curious and open mind who believe that together we can create change and contribute to positive change in the fashion industry. All this is a kind way.


TheFairnest invites designers whose collections resonate with our core values on ethics and sustainability. We present designers and operates as a drop-ship multi vendor marketplace. Selling through our marketplace offer benefits like:

We provide 72.5% gross sales 

Purchase engine orders to fulfil customer orders

We cover for your shipping fees

Reaching out to a well identified targeted customer niche

Visibility to our audience on social´s @thefairnest

Search marketing and Google Adwords and other publicity opportunities (pop-ups) as they arise

Brand positioning among other exclusive picks of sustainable labels. Are you approached by us we can guarantee that you resonate with our style and aesthetics, means you feel right at home :)

Customer growth, primarily in Scandinavian countries and EU, with possibility to get introduced to a steadily growing Indian market.





TheFairnest aim to pick up small emerging designers and keep the collections highly curated and exclusive to our site. Our idea and marketplace are quite simple and straight forward. It was important for us to create something visual and clean, both when comes to the layout but also in our communication. Lesser the distraction the better. We believe our followers are attracted to honesty, small scale and transparency, so if you look for a professional e-commerce site with powerful features and huge catalogue to satisfy the taste of many, we may not be the right choice.


We would like to remind you we are a small-scale business (same as many of our brand partners) with a high ambition and passion for this project. We believe in growing organically over time which is the business model we are most comfortable with. We aim to be transparent and honest towards all our partners and followers. The majority of the profit we make out of sales goes right back into the company to support spreading the word about our platform through social campaigns, collaborations and other influencer marketing as part of our short term strategy.

We have a goal to raise a percentage of each purchase to charity, preferably a women empowerment non profit organisation. All though we have not decided on which charity to partner up with, this is a plan of ours in the near future. As a small business with limited resources we have given the priority to get the platform up running first. We appreciate your patience and understanding.


We have many ideas for this platform to grow in different ways, apart from the marketplace we have a long term goal to grow our network of conscious professionals and small businesses and connect them to ethical production and material sourcing vendors across the world.


We keep the door open to any collaboration and don´t limit it to the idea of being just an e-commerce site, instead we see it is a community for conscious like-minded to connect and growing community driven by curiosity and ambition to do better choices for environment and people. It like fighting fashion with a sustainable alternative.  





The founder of TheFairnest has a decade long experience in fashion industry and production in countries like India and China. With a wide network of industry professionals and producers she offers consultation to brands who is ready to take their sustainable fashion ambition to the next level. Spending her time between countryside Sweden and New Delhi means a constant source of inspiration, a never-ending cultural exchange and a deeper understanding of the industry from the grass root level.