Maryia Virshych is a multidisciplinary artist and designer, based in Barcelona. She works primarily sculpting in clay. She is also launching her first jewelry line later this year. She has chosen to work with ceramics as it demands patience and calmness. Hand building ceramic objects is a way for the artist to escape the rush for eternal newness and pursue calm timelessness. Thoughts about time drew her to make her first collection.

Every piece is made by Maryia herself, locally in a small workshop in Barcelona. Her process is completely handmade as she doesn't use molds. Each piece is hand built from scratch which makes them all unique. The process of hand building is very slow and thorough, which gives a special preciousness to each item, as a counterweight to a fast throw-away attitude. 

Clay is a very natural material, amazingly soft and with a natural texture to it,  The porcelain she uses is produced locally around Barcelona. 
"I feel that I can be the least wasteful. It is one of the main reasons I try to avoid colors and glazes. I want to know that when my pieces break, they can return to the process as a source of chamotte", says Mariya. 

Passing this emotion, passing the value of time along with these objects, this is what drives virmary.

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