[IM]perfectionists is a Copenhagen based responsible and genderless lifestyle brand founded by Dilayla and Olina, with their first collection launched in April 2021. The duo aim to pave the way for a slow fashion that is genderless, high quality that lasts years, ageless and size inclusive. All designs are handmade with love and fair pay. The brand source high quality durable fabrics to ensure that clothes can be made to last, all from natural textiles, preferably hypoallergenic. Instead of printing, they use embroidery techniques to prevent logo artworks from fading when wearing and washing the items.

With [IM]perfectionists you can be rest assured that all of their designs are 100% natural with no synthetic content. Besides they made it a mission to make clothes that don't leave microplastics when washed, supporting UNSDG Goal no. 14: life below water, and also working on the biodegradability of their designs. Supporting UNSDG's Fashion Revolution, they do not limit sustainability with production only, but see it as a core value to achieve in every area possible.

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