Nurture your love of fashion, responsibly
Here at The Fairnest we’re gathering beautifully distinctive brands, hand-crafted limited edition designs, and uncommonly contemporary styles. Binding all of these together are our core values: sustainability, transparency, and a conscious approach to shopping. We champion emerging, responsible brands who are doing their part to shake up an industry gone mad with fast fashion.

Cutting-edge style for the forward-thinking muse
Rather than focus on fleeting trends, here at The Fairnest we’re thoughtfully curating a collection of clothing, accessories, and homegoods that will outlast, outstyle, and outshine all the rest.

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Totes by Art-chives

Jewellry by Ana Dyla

Crochet bags by Plexida

Dresses by Anse Linen

Our aim is to meet the very highest standards in quality, transparency, and ethics by approaching our brand partnerships with a discerning eye and carrying out rigorous assessments of each potential partner to ensure they match our criteria.
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Practical doesn't have to be boring

All of the Baggu nylon styles are made with
recycled nylon filament yarn, produced
from pre-consumer waste.

This saves scrap material from being landfilled,
conserves petroleum resources and
reduces greenhouse gas emissions.


Only with conscious, more mindful consumption will we change the world
By shopping at The Fairnest, you’re becoming part of the solution, rather than adding to the problem. Focusing on quality, transparency, and kindness, our lovingly curated collections are designed to bring you joy for years to come.
The Fairnest. Buy better
Bringing responsible fashion and design to the modern conscious muse.

What story will you tell?
We want you to feel connected to and inspired by every piece at The Fairnest. We believe each item has its own story to tell. From those very first design sketches, all the way through to the human hands that make those lines come to life, we want you to think of every purchase from The Fairnest in a more holistic, conscious way. Our intention is that you’ll treasure your purchase as much as we treasure the people behind every product we sell.