The Fairnest values... transparency

Every brand we partner with is rigorously researched and vetted by our team before becoming a seller on The Fairnest.

You can feel assured you’re not only getting the highest quality, but also buying into a new standard of transparency - one that is centered around care, attention-to-detail, and ethical and sustainable practices.

Superior design & crafts(wo)manship

Made for women, by women.

We are dedicated to championing woman-made items and woman-owned brands. Part of our mission at The Fairnest is to elevate women’s voices and share their stories with you, our beloved customers, so you can feel more connected to and have a deeper appreciation of the individuals behind each beautifully crafted piece.


Uncommon pieces all sharing a common trait - The Fairnest believes in “kindness in all that you do”.

We not only value small-batch designers and makers of one-off items, but also intend to promote a kinder, more caring industry wherein every creator is celebrated, appreciated, and offered fair pay.

We believe kindness is the only way forward.

The slow way

Adopting a slower, more organic approach to fashion and design, The Fairnest hopes to encourage a new way of shopping.

By carefully selecting more exclusive items that have an unusual origin story, we hope to grow The Fairnest gradually over time, all the while maintaining the core principles of our mission - to do good with less.