The Fairnest.com | Bringing responsible fashion and design to the modern conscious muse

Press release

The Fairnest is a new contemporary e-commerce with roots in Sweden. The online exclusive concept aims to raise awareness of sustainable design and locally-made artisanal goods. The Fairnest encourages consumers to make more conscientious choices, move past fast fashion, and go forward in support of a future that is more conscious, kind, and nurturing - ​without ever compromising on style.
The Fairnest is a gathering of beautifully distinctive brands, hand-crafted limited edition designs, and uncommonly contemporary styles. Binding all of these together are our core values: sustainability, transparency, and a conscious approach to shopping, that is, to do good with ​less ​ .
Rather than focus on fleeting trends, ​The Fairnest offers an exclusive mix of cutting-edge style across clothing, accessories, home goods and wellness ​that will outlast, outstyle, and outshine all the rest.

The newly launched e-commerce site champion emerging, responsible brands, who are doing their part to shake up an industry gone mad with fast fashion. They not only value small-batch designers and makers of one-off items, but also intend to promote a kinder, more caring industry wherein every creator is celebrated, appreciated, and offered fair pay.

The Fairnest believes kindness is the only way forward.

Would you like to use any imagery from our Site or other graphic material, please write us an email info@thefairnest.com