Aintfinit is a Spanish label released in 2020. The brand is an ode to the designer´s roots. We are from the north and the south. From the virgin cliffs of la Costa Brava to the warmth of Andalucia. Inspired by the light of white painted towns and the blue Mediterranean sea. The sweet smell of jasmine and wild pine. The sound of the wind of Tramuntana and the Spanish guitar. From a family of artists, our grandmothers and our mothers, artisans of the garment. We grew in our tradition and create as they once did: slowly, harmlessly, organically.

Aintfinit is a creative journey to redefine design, with sustainability at its heart and founding pillar. Looking at traditional craftsmanship and tailoring techniques to create a sense of natural elegance for timeless wear. Aintfinit follows a slow fashion philosophy, treating each piece as unique to ensure quality and fit.

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