A Fairnest Summer is Always a Good Idea: My Top 4 Summer Picks

by Mindless Academy on July 24, 2022

Let’s Talk Sustainability

Sustainability within the fashion industry is rising consistently and becoming more predominant as brands need to meet environmental standards as well as eco-conscious consumer desires. The fashion industry can make sustainable choices and significant changes in many ways through their practices, products and ethics.

The concept of slow fashion and the local, ethical fashion companies/designers that contribute to this are getting acknowledged more now in the industry, due to recognition and understanding for a better planet - fast fashion benefits a certain type of ‘trend-driven but on a budget’ consumer but the waste output is catastrophic as it depletes a huge amount of resources. This is where The Fairnest comes into play - a platform that “offers an elevated curation of unique selections from various emerging brands and designers”. It caters for the eco-loving, conscious consumers who desire stylish, sustainably-made garments from independent labels.

“Planet-loving, unique fashion labels who operate sustainably and transparently”

These types of brands and designers put a refreshing, authentic perspective on slow fashion in the industry and can easily attract consumers with the undeniable benefits, especially with a platform like The Fairnest - it celebrates planet-loving, unique fashion labels who operate sustainably and transparently, all in one place!

Top Picks

With that being said, here are my 4 top picks for summer and why you should shop with The Fairnest!

1. Cotton Knit Bralette - Plexida
This soft, handcrafted knitted bralette top made from a breathable cotton blend (OEKO-TEX certified) provides comfort and style for the consumer with its premium quality yarn - what’s not to like?! Small knitted tops are very on-trend at the moment as they come in a variety of styles, colours and patterns. This makes them perfect holiday garments as they provide support and some thickness, whilst presenting a trendy and feminine fashion statement. Versatility is a key element with this piece in particular as it is ideal for layering or for wearing on its own. Consumers also have a choice of 12 colours ranging from beiges and pastels, to blues and darks - making it a wardrobe staple.
Some key sustainability notes for this product include there being limited waste due to the pre-order/pre-made small batches nature of the label (any yarn scraps are saved and reused in future products). Plexida pieces are 100% handcrafted in Greece with the knits being made by the same woman - this demonstrates transparency and authenticity. The methods used follow traditional
knitting and crochet techniques that were popular in Greece.

crochet knitted top in pink cotton made in greece

2. Raspberry Happy Bag - Baggu
Shopper and tote bags are essential for anyones wardrobe - they can always be viewed as a trendy item. Undeniably they are also a very practical bag due to their size, shape and material. This raspberry colour is stylish and bright - making it a perfect spring/summer staple. Tote bags are versatile as they can be used for many purposes like beach bags, school bags and shopping bags. As well as this, another practical element of this bag is its ability to fold into a
pouch making it travel friendly. It is made from a lightweight material that is 40% recycled nylon sourced from pre-consumer waste. Baggu states this conserves petroleum resources and saves scrap materials from being landfilled, as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions throughout the process. The Happy Bag is designed in San Francisco and ethically manufactured in China. Its washable and durable components make it a smart and ethical purchase.

Baggu Happy Reusable Bag Recycled Nylon

3. Noa Earrings - Albasa

These fun, contemporary-style earrings definitely represent summer through the funky shapes and array of pastel colours. Pastels in clothing are currently on-trend and will be for a long time, making these earrings timeless. This piece is handmade - adding quirkiness, authenticity and individuality as no two pairs are the same. The materials used are eco resin, copper, silver and Swarovski crystal, creating a fragile piece that will never go out of fashion. Production by Albasa results in minimal waste due to their made-to-order service and manual handcrafting processes. These earrings are a special purchase but can be styled with many things. Albasa was founded by a young designer with Siberian roots - “she loves to design things that are peculiar, special and with an attitude”.

hand made earrings

4. Bianca Silk Jumpsuit in Blue Metallic - Moi Namaste

Made from silk-blend sarees (+/- 60% silk) from India, this blue printed jumpsuit epitomizes summer and holidays through the bright blue tones and bold paisley-like pattern. It is definitely a statement piece for one’s wardrobe, but something that could be worn year after year due to its feminine, elegant yet comfortable design. The silk used is considered one of a kind and unique whilst the jumpsuit is handcrafted in India using traditional, artisanal techniques, which makes the garment even more authentic and special.

Moi Namaste is a Finnish-Indian lifestyle brand that partners with NGO’s, women-led enterprises and family-run businesses in India, demonstrating their ethical mission and passion for help and support. The label has a fully transparent supply chain while having a clear social and environmental mission, they also ensure they upcycle materials and scraps to create new products. They pride themselves on promoting mindful living as well as ethical consumerism - ‘through deep and meaningful relationships with Indian craftspeople, we create dignified livelihood opportunities for artisans and planet positive lifestyle products’.

 Author: Kimberley Meldrum