Ovella Necklace
Ovella Necklace
Ovella Necklace
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Ovella Necklace

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Recycled glass pendant, handmade in Damascus, Syria. Twisted cotton cord in grey. Gold-plated metal parts and 14K gold-filled clasp.

Length 38 cm approximately.

Handmade in Paris.

HANDMADE Each piece is assembled by the designer herself in Paris, France.

LOCALLY SOURCED Vintage glass beads bought in France, old stocks from the 60´s.

MINIMAL WASTE Each jewel in limited quantity, depending on the number of beads available. Only recyclable materials are used for the packaging.

RECYCLED The Syrian pendants and beads are imported from Damascus, Syria. They are made by an artisan glass blower who collects glass debris. He blows it in a traditional brick oven.
Additional information
Color: Grey / Amber
Size: 38 cm
Material: Syrian recycled Glass, twisted cotton cord
Ovella Necklace Ovella Necklace Ovella Necklace

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