Wrap Dress Dark Blue
Wrap Dress Dark Blue
Wrap Dress Dark Blue
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Wrap Dress Dark Blue

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'Maasai Shuka' is the traditional fabric worn by the Maasai Tribe in Kenya and Tanzania. The belt of the Wrap Dress is attached to the dress and could be wrapped around the body once or twice. The dress has a very high slit, so perfect to show off your legs or a pair of tights. We aim at a loose fit, so the dress is one size fits most. The model wearing this dress is 5 feet 10 inches / 178 cm tall.

Maasai Shuka collection:

The Maasai Shuka is a fabric that reflects a culture which is as vibrant as its colourful patterns.

The Maasai Shuka fabric is traditionally worn by the Maasai tribe. Members of the Maasai tribe mainly live across the Great Rift Valley in Kenya and Tanzania and often live semi nomadic lifestyles, herding cattle across beautiful grasslands.

The Maasai are known as great conservationists who live in harmony with wild animals such as elephants, leopards, giraffes and lions. They protect the forests, savannas and rivers in their home and thanks to their focus on sustainability we are able to live, travel and work in the beautiful ecosystems of the Maasai Mara and the Serengeti.

Traditional Maasai attire includes colourful Maasai Shuka fabrics, often in red and blue shades.

Care instruction

Maasai Shuka fabric from rayon.
Hand wash in luke warm water with similar colours and air dry.
Fabric will soften after first wash.
Iron on low heat.
Wrap Dress Dark Blue Wrap Dress Dark Blue Wrap Dress Dark Blue

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