Lime Crochet Bag

Lime Crochet Bag

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Hand made crochet shoulder bag. It has a small hole design on the front.

This bag is made-to-order and takes approx. 1 week to make. It is designed and made in Madrid, Spain. This product has been handmade by local traditional craftsmen. 

Material: 100% cotton 


TRANSPARENCY Cutting and sewing take place with small tailors in Madrid, Spain.

MINIMAL WASTE Doble-6 is exclusively using left over material from the local fabric suppliers in the region, that are not affected by quality aspects. By doing so they utilize materials that otherwise risk to be wasted.

HANDMADE Each garment is made to order. Hand crocheted bags made by a local artists.

FEMALE FOUNDED Founded in 2019 by the Spanish designers Paula and Silvia.
Additional information
Color: Natural White
Size: One size
Material: 100% Cotton
Lime Crochet Bag

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